Value-Creating Insights for Executive Leadership

Do you know your supplier, like never before? Over the years, we’ve learned that value-creating responsible sourcing supply chain success starts with C-suite engagement.

Customs and border-protection officials, institutional investors, consumers and boards of directors are setting and enforcing uncompromising, rigorous expectations for socially responsible sourcing activities of public and private companies.

Actual or perceived missteps in sourcing product around the world are a growing threat to a company’s revenue, cash flow, share price, reputation and the ability to attract and retain coveted investors, customers and talented employees.

Answering three fundamental questions serves as a catalyst for a company’s success and their ability to earn the trust and respect of its most important stakeholders.

  • Does your current supplier base expose you to business risk, regulatory penalty, social criticism, or media and activist inquiry, campaigns and threats?
  • Does your company find reasons to delay the required re-engineering of key aspects of your supply chain?
  • Does your supplier-selection protocol and related criteria result in a supply chain that meets increasingly high expectations?

At ELEVATE, our focus is clear:

  1. Help our clients optimize financial results associated with global supply chain performance;
  2. Help them navigate the increasingly complex and sometimes conflicting regulatory landscape; and
  3. Help them build and/or transform their reactive traditional sourcing programs to proactive responsible sourcing programs.

ELEVATE serves as a strategic transformation partner, solving big supply chain problems and enabling consistent, value-creating supply chain operations.