360 Field Trips to Southeast Asia

  • Bangkok
  • 10 - 19 September 2019
  • 18:00

360 Field Trips with STOP THE TRAFFIK and ELEVATE

STOP THE TRAFFIK Australian Coalition has regularly taken small groups of business representatives to participate in ‘360 Field Trips’ – trips that expose businesses to a 360 view of modern slavery. The trip program explores the cultural, contextual, community and business drivers of bonded and forced labor, exposing the complexity of the issues, how to address them, and opportunities to craft solutions.

For the September 2019 trips, STOP THE TRAFFIK is partnering with ELEVATE to merge on-the-ground lessons with the powerful insights of Asia’s most forward-thinking corporate and supply chain sustainability event, CSR Asia Summit 2019. Prepare for an impactful experience in Thailand, with some of our trip participants also traveling to Cambodia.

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Over the course of the first 6 days you will engage with:

  • Workers – such as victims, survivors and worker representative groups
  • Business – such as owners of factories, managers and business associations
  • Local communities through visits that sensitively engage the cultural and historical context
  • NGOs and the media
  • Government and representatives from relevant UN agencies

The structure of our 360 Field Trips builds on STOP THE TRAFFIK’s shared responsibility approach which considers how each group has a role to help end Modern Slavery and each has co-accountability for their responsibilities.

Our participants will meet in Bangkok on Tuesday, 10 September for a day of orientation. The following evening, one group departs for Phnom Penh for a fashion-focus in Cambodia, and the other group remains in Thailand for a seafood-focus. On Sunday. 15 July participants return to Bangkok for free time and preparation for the CSR Asia Summit (18 – 19 September) and valuable Pre-CSR Asia Summit Training sessions on 17 September.

Reflections from previous participants:

“Four generations of my family have been in the ‘rag trade.’ I think I doubled my insight by viewing modern slavery through all these lenses.” 

“Despite many ‘field visits’ to our factories over the years, my questions about how and why labour abuse and slavery like practices happened were not answered. Then I was exposed to the contextual drivers first hand and I got it.”

Your trip leaders from 10 September through 16 September include Fuzz Kitto (Thailand and seafood emphasis) and Carolyn Kitto (Cambodia and fashion emphasis). They are the Australian Directors of STOP THE TRAFFIK and have extensive human rights and international development experience, including working the prevention of Modern Slavery for over 15 years each.

The cost for this specially curated, deep insights to modern slavery in supply chains including a ticket to attend CSR Asia Summit 2019 and two half-day sustainability related training is USD 8,500.00. Space is limited.

Contact Mabel Wong of ELEVATE at mwong@elevatelimited.com for more information and read the 360 Field Trips flyer for details.